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Remembering my first home

Aw your first home 😍. Remember that?

Was it your dream home? Do you still live in it? Did you sell it or rent it? Was it a fixer upper or did you just come to outgrow it?

See, from my experience people no longer buy homes the way they used to, where they would buy the one home and live in it until retirement or even death where it would be passed down to their children. I think today’s buyers are much more interested in how to get the best deal to keep their payments manageable and think about how the home will sell in the future.

My first home was just that, it wasn’t incredible and it wasn’t huge but it was what we needed at the time.

We saved hundreds on dollars on that home over renting and we had the space to set up my daughters nursery just as we wanted when the time came. We got to learn through our DIY mistakes and achievements and YouTubed EVERYTHING!

In other words, my first home will always have a special place in my heart because it was a huge accomplishment and our first big investment.

I have no idea how many homes I will own over the course of my life but I know how big of an achievement it is for my clients to make that step. I also know that most will call me 5-7 years down the road to tell me they’re ready to upsize because now that little home is worth a little more and they can afford something larger.

If anything makes me grateful for what I do, it’s that. Being there for these steps, when the family is starting and growing, and sadly sometimes even moving.

As always, if you or someone you know and love wants help in making that step, send them my way! It doesn’t cost them anything and they’ll have my dorky, clumsy self along for the ride to make it a little less scary.

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