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Slidell’s newest Pizza Spot goes the extra mile to support our local veterans.

Written by: Leila Perez

This past week, I got an opportunity to meet with Donna Bach, one of the owners of Pizza Platoon, located at 460 Town Center Pkwy, Slidell, LA 70458. A family and veteran owned pizza spot that just opened up in the Fremaux town center. Donna’s husband is a retired Marine and their family’s experience is much of the inspiration for the restaurant’s military theme.  In fact, as soon as you walk in you notice POW/MIA table, there to honor those who were unable to come home.  How did you get started and what was your inspiration? Donna: We actually visited a place in California, that had the same pizza idea, so my husband and I thought it’d be kind of cool to have the same pizza idea here! As far as the theme goes, we’re a military family so we wanted to make sure it was military themed to represent us and our family. What can we expect from you when we come in? Donna: You can expect our workers to greet everybody with a positive attitude. You get to choose whatever you want on your pizza. From toppings, sauces and crust! We have a hand tossed crust, cauliflower crust and we have recently been experimenting with a cheese crust that we will be featuring on the menu soon. Completely Keto-friendly! In 4 minutes your pizza is ready and you can sit down and enjoy it in a family friendly atmosphere. What is a must-try item on the list?

Donna: Its hard to say because I like so many of them! I love the uncle Sam but I love the white sauce which is really, really good! A lot of people like the cauliflower crust but I’m old school when it comes to crust, I like our old-fashioned dough that we make ourselves because it is all handmade!  (You don’t have to settle though; the pizzas are personal-sized, so everyone can get what they want!)

What would you like your clients to know about you they may not already know?

Donna: Besides being just a pizza place, when we decided to open, we wanted to give back to our community. Being with the military theme that we have, we searched for a local charity that we could give back to. We’ve teamed up with camp NORA which is a transition home for veterans that are coming back from the war and also shelters homeless vets. It’s a home that they could stay in and they get education benefits, job training, and just a bunch of help, it’s an amazing organization! When I went and visited, I was moved to tears because they give 100% to the vets and not even funded federally yet. Another way we give back to them is, we have a little box up there (counter) where people can donate to them directly as they check out.  We have the POW table here so that younger generations can know about it. We’ve had grown men in here in tears because of the meaning to them so we wanted children and younger generations to understand exactly what sacrifices our military make for us.  Any exciting upcoming news?

 For the Veterans day weekend we’re going to be running specials that whole weekend!  On November 10this the Marine Corps birthday so well have specials. Sunday is Veterans day so well be running specials that day as well as that Monday, when we’re going to have specials as well as a fundraiser with another organization and they’re going to come out and set up bean bag toss and face painting.  All the proceeds from that are going to go directly to camp NORA and from every Vet and Uncle Sam order, we’re going to donate a dollar to camp NORA . We’re pretty excited about that, and like I mentioned we will be offering the cheese crust soon too! Additional info you’d like to share?

We're just really excited that the people that has come in so far has been wonderful! Our customers has been so positive on our reviews and everything they say about us has been amazing. We have a lot of repeat customers so we're very thankful for that. We’re in the process of trying to get a punch card for repeat customers, as well as gift cards that will be available to give out for Christmas. We just want to thank everyone for coming and giving us a try!  We're a local veteran owned business and hopefully we'll be here a long time!

find out more about Pizza Platoon here

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